Final Edit

We made some colour changes to our film between the second edit and the final edit. We added filters to the party scenes to help there be a contrast between them as well as obviously changing our actors. We had to do this for a couple of reasons 1. our actors were extremely busy with their own schedules and one was away from school for personal reasons and 2. we noticed the two actors didn’t have that good chemistry between them so we decided to choose 2 really close friends to portray the couple and this worked a lot better. We also chose to use different shots and made the intro longer as we felt our audience didn’t get enough time to connect with our couple and we wanted to introduce the party better by using an invitation. We also added in the scene where the friends join the main man to make the plan, we felt this was important because our audience got to meet more characters they could focus on before it was the party (big group) scene. These scenes also helped the audience to understand the whole drama later on in the video as it makes it all more clear.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.19.40.png

These are our recast characters Klara and Max.



Evaluation Point 4 – technologies

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Media technologies are what allows you to construct your whole media product. I used websites such as Wikipedia, instagram and youtube to get a feel for my artist. I used a canon 6D, this allowed me to create focus pulls and zoom and gave me a high quality image. I went through how I made my music video link to my genre and what I used to pick up those important features in order to portray my chosen ‘genre’ and style of video such as iMovie and pixels to edit my images and shots.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 22.31.58

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.43Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.46Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.51Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.55Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.59Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.30.04Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.30.09Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.30.12Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.30.18Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.30.21

Evaluation Point 2

Evaluation 2-How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I looked at how my advertisement poster, music video and digipak have synergised with each other. What the similarities are and how they help me to sell my product and advertise it.

you can see my front cover of my digipak is the same image as my poster includes swell as my similar font. I used black and white or dulled colour to make my font stand out and be seen from far away swell as catch the audiences eye.

Below is a prezi answering the question:


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 21.56.34.png

I made this press to describe how I synergised my 3 products, my digipak, poster and video in order to potentially make the product more popular and wider viewed by my audience. I wanted my audience to see the characteristics between my 3 products as that will help them all link together and help them stand out more. People will recognise the font and be able to link it back to my product as it is used across all my products.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.28.21Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.28.31Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.28.38Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.28.51Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.28.56Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.01Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.06Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.29.12

I wanted to include one of my actors (Ezra) across all my products as I love the shot of him anyhow it stands out behind the background. For my poster, to make it more interesting, I layered up his images when he was in different positions to make it look more appealing and professional. I used a black and white or faded colour filter across all my products as I think that looked the most effective and contrasted with my video but at the same time it matched because the images were the same.



this is my mock up digipak I have come up with. I wanted to keep with the theme of black and white swell as using my artists from my video to keep up the synergy, typically my genre is associated with drugs and smoking so I wanted to incorporate smoke into my design in an edgy eye catching way. I used colour on my front cover to make the title stand out and it reappears in our music video production company logo. I am awaiting audience feedback and will correct changes accordingly.

I looked at Travis Scott’s 2 versions of the album cover and used it as inspiration. Below are some key features I used when creating my version:

I wanted to include an image of Ahmed smoking as it relates to the smoke usage in Travis Scott’s version and I liked the effect that gave my piece of work. It also links with the use of alcohol, smoking and drugs typical of my genre. I liked the font as it would contrast well with my black and white background.

Evaluation Point 1

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.19.28.png

This is my intro shot, this shot is typical of most genre’s of music but specifically used in our chosen genre as it allows the audience to get a feel of location and introduces the song. It is used in the video that inspired our whole work (“WHAT” By Playboi Carti). The font is also clear to read and in big capital letters which shows you its not a soppy romantic love song.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.20.16

This shot shows the audience who the main couple that we focus on are. It is typical of this genre’s music videos to have some sort of love interest or girl featured in a  romantic or sexual way . This type of shot is used a lot, one of our inspirations was Travis Scott and he uses this in his video ‘Don’t Play’. It shows the romantic chemistry between the 2 characters the way they act around each other.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.21.25.png

This shot introduces the action / plan in the video. In videos similar to ours there is always some sort of drama or storyline for example in Drakes video. the shot also introduces the audience to more of the characters involved in the video.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.20.59.png

The majority of music videos across most genres will have lip sync and we chose one of our additional characters to do our lip sync as he is a typical audience member. We wanted a plain background so the focus was on the actor and used a coloured background because that is typical of videos like this. The song allowed us to use our lip syncer as a narrator which is unique across this genre.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.23.17.png

this is the intro shot to the party, it shows the audience the type of party and allows them into the next part of the storyline. The audience can clearly see the formal clothes which was inspired by the video “WHAT” By Playboi Carti. This scene (friends together) is typical of videos from this genre as its all about community.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.40.46.png

This shot shows that its a drinks party and alcohol is standard in videos from this genre and is frequently used by people such as Drake and ASAP Rocky. A lot of videos from this genre aren’t usually based at a party of the sort so that challenges the media conventions of hip hop videos as usually its more chilled and casual.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.40.57.png

This shot focus’s the audience back to the couple and reiterates the point that they are the focus which is common in hip hop music videos. This specific shot shows their relationship but also gives the audience the feeling that something may go wrong as this is such a care free happy moment.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.43.32.png

This shot shows them all messing around and having fun and makes the party look much more lives which is typical of hip hop videos. An obvious difference is that one character is wearing casual clothes which has caused a stir and made drama which helps the storyline stay interesting. The difference is the background isn’t at some club its at a posh room with paintings which is much more rare and challenges the media conventions of hip hop.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.42.53

This shows the couple fighting and resolving their fight which is taking the focus away from the party and onto the couple to hep the storyline flow nicely.

final advertisement poster

This is my final product. I changed some of the colouring so the words and letters would stick out on top of the background in a  clearer way. I tried to keep the background colourful but not in your face as my digipak is very much black and white and I wanted to keep up as much synergy as I could. The reason I chose to use colour for my background in this though is because its a singular image so I knew I had to make it as interesting and appealing as possible to my audience to be able to catch their attention. I wanted to keep it minimalistic (word wise) but thought it was important to also include his website so people could easily get more information. Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 20.02.59

above is what the mock up looked like colour wise and below is what I changed it to to make it clearer and more contrasting